Friday, December 6, 2013

We should say goodbye.

Yes, I know it's almost Christmas time and all you we want so see is snow, reindeers and bokeh effects. But it's sad when it's still autumn time in our calendars, all we do is think about winter. We had waited for golden autumn to come some months ago and it's cruel just to ignore her, not saying goodbye. And because I didn't publish here any set of my autumn's photos, I decided to do it now. Just to show some respect to nature's resources. And the autumn is one of them.

I'm lazy so some of them had a little effect-tuning, some of them not. Hope you enjoy it a little.

And the autumn lady to say goodbye to fallen leaves.

Wish you a good night, speak to me in comments.


  1. Lovely pictures. The cat looks so cosy and happy. Here in Brittany, we still have yellow leaves on the trees... Winter isn't really there yet. I really enjoyed listening to Neko Case while watching the pictures and writting my comment!

  2. you are a talented photographer, the pics are all amazing and so evocative of autumn x x x