Thursday, July 16, 2015

For messy souls

Creative mess is totally good from time to time, especially while you are making something, or living intensive days full of meetings, walks and journeys. You just pop in to your room to change and sleep and you feel too tired to put things to their places. But if it becomes cluttered and you think you can't breathe or spend time in your own place without feeling irritated - it's time.
Time to free yourself from sweepings, disorder and chaos and become a little bit pedantic. Don't worry - mess will be back soon !

The Art of Clean Up - Ursus Wehrli

Happy cleaning!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer balades & ballads

I can hear rain pouring calmly down outside my window right now and it is pure happiness. As a readhead I'm really troubled when it's hot outside and it's nothng but bright sky and very strong sunshine. It's hard to feel and look good then.
 I hope we are over the biggest heatwave now, and next summer days will be gently warm and maybe a little bit cloudy, with a gift of fresh rain's smell at night.

Here are some photo proofs that I did survive a heatwave and even went to some summer balades.

And if it comes to summer ballads

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer destination

Here it is - a heatwave. The thing because of which I really dislike summertime. Fortunately I spend afternoons at work, which is not, of course, the best place to be on holiday, but it has the positive aspect of avoiding heat outside. As I sit in the office I can sometimes take a look on a TV, which is switched on for clients, and currently Fashion TV is on. I had a chance, then, to catch few amazing shots from campaigns. And I definitely think, that making short commercial videos can be kind of art. Art of seducement, creation an turning ordinary into extraordinary.

 Burberry Autumn Winter 2015


 Madly Kenzo


I have chosen those two films, because they show two ways I see my style choices. I like vintage, nonchalant, independant look of strong Burberry women, absolute UK classics with hippie twist, but on the other hand I find myself an admirer of  artistic, maybe girly, but definitely bohemian looks with dreamy details... And style can definitely make us different people, play with our image, turn us to different paths of everyday choices...

So... are we going to London or spanish countryside?

One we know for sure... Amber Anderson will be in both!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fan and flying game

ESCADA, Spring- Summer 2015

Make me want to break free and just enjoy a chilly summer.

I know I have abandoned this place a little bit, partly because being a blogger and having followers means being present in a blogosphere all the time, sharing, commenting and trying to be interesting, which I am not into very much. I wasn't also stisfied with this site, because I felt it has lack of main-theme, some frames, in which I always feel good into, safe. No particular topic, no reasons...
But maybe, this summer...