Saturday, August 30, 2014

It sounds like Amy.

Do you know her? Oh, you should!

I just .... can't take my eyes and ears away! Not only she's That Type of Redhead , but also amazingly talented in a very unique way. She can be French, British, Australian... She can become Audrey Hepburn or Bette Davis. She is totally dedicated to what is her passion. Sounds, words and smiles.

Amy Walker is a wonderful human being!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Houses from some unwritten stories.

Homesickness for a place of my own is always with me these days, even though I feel better in my rented flat now. I think it's time to share another dream places. Let's sit and cry together that we don't live there!

Storybook Cottage in Lowry Hill is a great mix of lovely and quite obvious results of design. Of course I paste here only the lovely ones. The bedrooms must be especially cosy in winter!

Storybook style cottage Lowry Hill MN

And this interior reminds me of a magic home of my previous boyfriend. Love for him didn't last, but love to his house - yes! I still hope I will live there someday, maybe I will even consider marrying the guy I don't love. Yes, house of that type is worth it! 

 Garden District in New Orleans

Isn't this dining room a little bit Downton Abbey-ish? 

Which one do you like? 
Do you think any good plot for a story could take place there?
I have 2 weeks of vacation in few days time, maybe some ideas will make me write a fiction again? I lost my inspiration and so-called talent a long time ago, but everything could be reborn, right?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Miss Stark and other redheads.

As I am totally not into fantasy series like Game of Thrones (to be honest I think they are quite crappy - and I will not talk about the fact, than in the big personality quiz about what fictional character are you most like, I have scored Cersei Lannister), I am also not interested in celebrities, who are starring there. But being bored at work and using social media, you sometimes just pop into fandom sites. So I can tell now Ygritte from Sansa Stark and I prefer the first one, because she has at least a strong character. Sansa is dull and iritiaiting with her submission to the rules of men world.  Her character is played by Sophie Turner. And Sophie herself is not dull at all. 
She can be honestly qualificated to my list of "Redheads I wanna to be like".

You Magazine

Tatler Magazine

Vanidad Magazine

Unfortunately I'm more similar to Rose Leslie, who plays Ygritte. But, she is kind of... charming, too.
Maybe not like a nymph, as Sophie, but...
And she was also in Downton Abbey, that's the point!

Rose Leslie
eee... me?

Funny what you can write about when you are alone at work, isn't it?
I would love to hear from you:)


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


If we could go to sweet land of Austen's life and then . . . 

Walter Dendy Sadler

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Living in the castle.


Recently my love for vintage and history has uprisen again! So, we talked about lingerie, and costume blogs, why shouldn't we visit some castles and palaces? I think I will take you to some of them, making my small collection of views. Of course, do not expect any serious facts or stories. I share the scents and impressions. Rest is up to you! Just imagine you are a countess there!

Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire

Well, for me it is far too medieval, but it has some nice parts like Little Castle or the lonely fountain. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happiness is easy

Hi! Today I wanna share with you some good news. Good news are worth spreading, even if sometimes you feel like having them only for yourself. But that's not the point this time, because we should do anything (even the littlest things) to make this world better. And world is better if people are better. And people are better when they are happier.

As I've written before, recently I felt a little bit down, so after getting a grip I started to look for some encouraging methods. Mostly about beating the negative thoughts. I found the HAPPIFY.COM project.
It was built by scientists and coachs working on positive psychology.

I reccomend you to sign up today and start your own journey to happiness.
Of course it is not a tool that will totally change your live, but it can help you:

- to focus on makind your everyday better with little steps
- to notice how your thoughts and attitude works
- lower your stress level
- have fun

... and probably many more, but I have just started. 

First you will have to answer some simple questions and then Happify will choose some tracks for you to follow. Each track is different, but they all focus on building up a positive attitude. You will have to do some simple excercises including answering questions, noticing something around you or playing a game online.
The changes work very gently, as I said it is not a cure for all your problems. Just a playground. 
You get the awards and points for doing each activity. It's similar to projects like Duolingo (learning new language) just on happiness matter. All is created by scientists and it's based on neuro-psychological research and theories.

The only thing that is not so cool is that some of the activities are only for premium members (as always...), but I can tell you if you don't take it to serious, more like an inspiration, not a therapy, the non-premium stuff will be just enough. Signing up to Happify won't change your life. The patience, everyday work and small steps are needed. But it's a fun way to start.

I reccomend you especially Serenity Scene. You can relax for free and be a little bit closer to nature for some time.

Tell me whether you will try and if so, what is your opinion?

PS. And come one, design of the site is just gorgeous.

Happify yourself!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Donne nell'arte

Women are just incredible.
I wish I could know each one of them.

Week things-thoughts.

So, what's up recently?

After the episode of mood disturbance (going down and down to the black hole) I maintained my strenght again. All I need to do is slowly practice to get better. Control bad thoughts. Do not let anxiety win.
And what helps?
Books, tea, shopping and people!

So, a random review of the week!

As a true woman I feel better when I look better, so I  tried again. At the same time I focused on accepting myself and that I am kind of pretty (if only for myself and my friends), that I don't need as much clothes as I have, that not every new trend looks good on me and I should try to find my own "classics".
And if there are things that need some improvement - try to improve!

For example ... my  nails. I focus on them, because their condition is really poor. So - no nail polish, no biting - just a foundation from Neil Tek and a good cream.

I have also:
+ signed into newsletter of 30 days fitness challenge. Never exercised daily in my life. It might be a failure.
+ downloaded the water app that shows me if I drink enough water per day. Ups, just drunk a big mug of coffee and the percentage decreased :(

About shopping...
Of course I threw away 3 enormous bags of clothes, but today I couldn't help myself and bought some more... I know I done wrong, but I am happy anyway. Shoes make things different, aren't they?

Few days passed and I still have an open bookmark with costume blogs on my pc.
Reading whole site of Porcelanka, totally addictive.
I always loved historical fashion, but now my interest grew bigger and I think it might be for long.
But I don't promise, because I'm changable as the wind. And there is a wide road till I become an expert as the ladies from Krynolina are.


Did some postcrossing crafting:

Baked (after a year without the oven!)

Met a true Lady:

Tried to BE a lady:

And celebrated my birthday!

With the most funny and gorgeous gift:

Thanks for reading, hope you don't mind the wild variety, chaos and mood swings of my posts.