Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This shoes are made for walking

The weather is quite unfavorable recently. There is foggy and darkness comes quicker every day. All is somehow grey and cold. So it's not surprising that we walk with our heads down, dodging between puddles and mud, with our chins and noses hidden in scarves and jackets. But why not, while looking down on our shoes,  walking fast, imagine that we have something colorful on. On our legs and feet... 

all photos from google images and weloveshoes.tumblr.com

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beach warms you...

I discovered today that sea can be inspiring. And it's treasures may make you feel better. I know, maybe it's obvious, but I have never really liked seashore. I thought it is boring and crowded and much too popular. All these shells and stones - so many of them in local shops during every summertime. But today I was working, cataloging some books and suddenly one cover have caught my eye. It was a sea-themed book by a  writer of popular novels (well I've never before heard her name, but everyone knows the film "Chocolate"...). The cover was simple, but I thought I might want to read that book. I suddenly felt the need to be near the sea, even only by the novel's plot - well, even better - no people, no cold wind or annoying sand in the shoes... 
And now, while I'm looking at some blogs and I saw a simple but beautiful picture of some glass pieces on the sand. So simple! But this view makes me feel calm. I surfed the net looking for some more examples of sea treasures - they all are very simple, even the most delicate shells. Sometimes it's even kind of rubbish. But they create a wonderful compositions together, inspire art and decoration and bring warm thoughts. 

And the book:

And what's more:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bags, sweaters and a redhead

Some fashion and look stuff today - no idea why so suddenly. Blogging about such things is quite not my style. But changes are needed. The viewing myself from different perspective, not closing on how I imagine myself - it's needed.

maisouvintage collection photographed by Adrea Jankovic

 Lalesso x Pichulik