Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Milk maid

I'm romantic and sentimental. It also means I long to see that there are many unpretentious things on this world, which refer to past times or are just natural and simple.
So... what about being a milk maid? There is a lady who does it. She's from UK (of course) and apart from running her own milk business (from three generations), she makes beautiful and original pieces of art. She recycles old china and milk bottles (of course) by using themes she observes during her morning work. She also paints pictures which are inspired by her own everyday life.

Lucy Anne Harding

I love it!


  1. they are lovely! it would be a treat having a cup of tea and cake from that gorgeous crockery x x x

  2. wow that china is so absolutely beautiful, also liked her paintings! you made me now wanna having tea and cake;)
    love and kiss,mary