Sunday, March 30, 2014

Misery's mystery

As once for some time I'm again having a problem with defining this blog things.
My dream is to feel complete and I can't feel complete without:

- being able to describe my life and feelings
- knowing what to write and where and in which language
- doing some kind of art

many other things also, but these 3 are about having a blog

I want people to read me and talk to me, but I'm tired of leaving comments everywhere all the time. And that seems to be the only way to keep bloggers' attention. What's more I've got lost in all those categories. Sometimes I post inspirational things on my Polish site. I took some photos this week, just few shots to convinve myself I have a pretty life - and I got clueless where to post them. Who I want to see them? Polish bloggers, to which I can write more metaphorical post full of poetry and linguisms, which comes easy to me. Or to you, just to share nice experience, because those pretty pictures are just pretty?
The language thing is important too. I heva two blogs- one in Polish, which I started more like a cultural and lifestyle blog, but it soon made itself to be some kind of metaphorical diary with sad songs and my worries. 
Here I put all the nice things I find on the internet, but sometimes I even post selfies and create myself to be a person I want to be - positive, interesting, some kind of happy. I want to leave all the troubles behind and pretend that I'm a simple being that takes the best from everyday beauty. 

My previous post was about whom I want to be. But I'm too smart not to know that you can't be who you are not and see life differently just like that. I'm a very sad, angry and tired person, really. Really disappointed with constant unfullfillment. 
Yes, that's not what you write on lifestyle, lookbook blogs. 

I have no idea of no idea because of no idea. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Me, please

I finally found the perfect description of a girl, who I always wanted to be like.
From Danny Wallace's Charlotte Street.

Her favourite season was spring, because yellow was her favourite colour, and daffodils are yellow. She liked daffodils, because maybe she’d grown up on a farm somewhere, and as little as I know about farms I imagine sometimes they’re quite near daffodils. She liked animals, of course, because of the whole farm thing, and also it’s hard to like a girl who hates animals; it messes with the order of things. But her small flat in London with the shabby chic furniture she’d bought from a weekend fleamarket and painstakingly painted and restored herself when she’d moved down to London from – where? Wales, maybe, where she’d also left her childhood sweetheart, the only boy she’d ever kissed? Well, it was just too small for a dog or a cat and so she’d just pet them when she passed them in the street, and engage their owners in long, sweet conversations. Cats! It was cats she loved most! And she rode a bike for sure, even though both times I’d seen her she’d been in a taxi, and the blue coat she wore was her favourite, and she wore it everywhere, whatever the weather. 
And then there was work. What did she do? Again, the ideas were probably better than the reality. In my mind, she was maybe a book publicist, working on quiet but important texts and making sure professors got their sandwiches before the lady from New Scientist turned up, or the fella from the World Service dropped by to record an interview on an ancient, scuffed Marantz. Or maybe an art student, with a free, cartwheeling mind and painted rainbow toenails and a rabbit called Renoir. 

Or just French. I honestly wouldn’t mind if she was just French.

saturday all day

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Attrice espressive

Today two beautiful, vintage and very talented ladies. No words needed. Just admire them!
Bellezze italiane!

Eleonora Duse

She was a rival of Sarah Bernhardt, playing versions of her bigger roles in Italian theatres.
She was authentic and individual. She was the first woman on the cover of Time magazine. She was very expressive and emotional.

Irma Gramatica

Born in Austria-Hungary, but her career took place in Italy. She was truely and italian spirit!

and her sister, Emma, was beauty as well

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

If ever...neverending story

Once Upon a Time is finally back. And even though I prefer the first season the most, I'm still charmed (exactly...) with all the characters. Of course they change every season (I mean the kind of people or creatures they are, depends on what is actually happening to them) and every episode I have a new favourite. This time I think Regina gathers my feelings the most, Emma on the contrary is losing it because of being more and more judgemental. I became to love Hook more and the Charmings are more and more boring, but I still adore all of them.

And as the second part of season three has begun - I'm dreaming again about going to fairyland, and to wera all of these...


Evening Dress
Boué Soeurs, 1918
The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Gown and cape with freshwater pearls for Sansa Stark - Alexander McQueen spring 2012


Warhammer: Witch by ~Angirias

Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2006




House of Guerrier Altelier Versace

The Snow Queen would wear the hell out of this.

Made by Jewelera on etsy

Basil Soda Haute Couture Spring 2011 / Peut être Magazine #1 2011

Daphne striped underbust corset by Gas Lamp Corsets

Alexander McQueen (British, 1969–2010)DressSarabande, spring/summer 2007

Monday, March 10, 2014

Anna's world

Anna Ådén

looking or what can't be found
cool hands and dry lips
catching sun bliss
smelling depth of the ground

be careful, Moonlight
and storytelling
lilly of the valley
forgotten dreams
being lost
being found

Anna Ådén is my favourite photographer so far. I even can't decide my favourite set.