Friday, November 30, 2012


I ran into some Louis Vuitton commercials today. They are "tres parissienne" - very French. Even this one set in China with amazing Gong Li! And now I cannot focus on writing this post, because I started to think in French after watching them. But my French is too poor to use it to communicate. So I'll just present one video and go practice le langue de Rabelais et Chanel.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

L'automne-l'hiver: Casita de Wendy

Clothes by La Casita de Wendy reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood. I don't know why, they are so colorful, not only red. Maybe the scent of forest? Predicting some fairytales? Or the powerful innocence of models? I'm not sure, but it must be something in the forest reflection. Magic forest, surrealistic forest. I like the designs very much, they are so extraordinary. Some of them even hilarious, but still interesting and worth to have. I think the really unique women may choose them to have in their wardrobes. I'd take them all. If only I could afford that! :(

And who would tell now there's no power in knitting?! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Annette Pehrsson

These photographs are nothing I haven't seen before via tumblr or blogs. It's really hard to be all original those days. But somehow Annette Pehrsson's works have caught my eye. They are mostly sad and nostalgic (very november...) and world seen through them seem to be quite still but disquieting at the same time. They are not perfect, some are too simple, some too stylized, some really different from other. Neverthless I think photographs by Annette Pehrsson are worth to contemplate, they are simply beautiful and what's more - they tell stories. Of course if you have enough imaginative mind to find them. I present the most engaging, in my opinion, polaroids mostly. But the artist tooks digital photographs and films also. All to view on her lovely blog:

my favourite

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Earl of Cartoon Chics

I was never fully into cartoon and comics, but since I started to be a huge retro fan, I discovered vintage illustrations and adore them. Mostly fashion illustration of course, but some funny female cartoons also. Doesn't matter that most of them present beautiful but stupid and slutty women. It's just a convention and a sign of times, I guess. But illustration themselves are just chic and fabulous. One of my favourite artist is Earl Oliver Hurst who created mostly for Colliers Magasin. Pictures are all about sparkling America style.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Lily Potter type

I'm a redhead. And I have to admit that I'm mad about redheads. I think we are special and amazing! : D
I always look at redheads passing the city and admire the well-dressed ginger girls. Of course there are some types of us I am distanced to - for example the fake redheads, or the "naughty ones". But in my mind one specific ginger type is well rooted. I have never described it with details, even for myself, but I think you can call it "Lily Potter type". I don't mean she has to be a witch, no. It's hard to describe her really, but when I see that type I know it's her. And she's my ideal - I wanna be just like that, but probably I'm not.  So - who is she, apart from resembling HP's mom? She has to have bright eyes and wonderful smile, she's delicate and sensitive, but  at the same time strong in some ways, probably an artist, or the art or music admirer. Mild, or can be charismatic. A good person, who loves her friends and they love her. With a great sense of humour. A woman, who you cannot ever forget and miss her madly when she's gone. Unique among the exceptional ones. I cannot find the more proper word for her except: special. 
I don't know if that features are always the right ones, but some women just look like being THAT KIND OF REDHEAD.

Lillie Flynn

Cate Blanchett

Bonnie Wright

Jessica Chastain

Julianne Moore

Neko Case

Ewa SkibiƄska

Lilly Potter (Geraldine Sommerville)