Friday, August 30, 2013

Venice first glimpses - how I play a professional reviewer.

As I know nothing about red carpets and prom fashion - I'll  make a fool of myself and tell you what I think about Venice's film festival looks. Just like an expert. Just like a fashion blogger, who I'm totally not.

Criticism orgy - let's begin! 

Tracks premiere - August 29 2013
Mia Wasikowska

Neat and classic, but I'm afraid too sad... Looks like someone really got into Jane Eyre's melancholy and tragedy. But I adore the simplicity and romanticism of this outfit. 

Miu Miu Women's Tales screening - August 29 2013
Carey Mulligan

Oh, the kind girl has arrived! Perfect shoes, nice dress, chic glasses. beautifiul smile... So pretty. So Carey. So boring. 

Michelle Dockery

I adore Michelle Dockery, but this look absolutelty doesn't fit her. Maybe I'm used to the vintage style of Downton Abbey. The somethingaboutsixties dress and too massive shoes, not to mention this little bag which is so similar to those you can buy on markets, does no good for my dearest Lady Mary.

Freida Pinto

Could be and everyday outfit. Freida looks lovely and so young in this dress. She chose beautiful shoes and her make up is perfect - makes her shine. But I would brush my hair before going to the party...

Virginie Ledoyen

That's how an ancient Greek queen could look. Electra perhaps? What a simple dress, perfect for a lady. Is Virginie old enough to choose a matron's outfit? Well... Good choice of  the bag - pawky!

Sandra Bullock

What's about those All Shades of Red? A new trend, to blend with the carpet? I really don't understand  the purpose of having dress which should cover your body, but then surprise! - they do not at all! If you decide to wear long dress it should be long. Sandra Bullock is not "fresh" enough to show her super legs in that sort of  gown. She looks so sad in this piece of  tailor's art. Red and black - so boring. Too pale shade of poppy red to fit Sandra.


Now's just perfect! 

Please, say how you do not agree with my "so expert" opinions! :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

L'experiment extremal!

Because I can be ridiculously spontaneous sometimes (usually at really wrong time), half of the hour before  writing this,  I’ve started the REVOLUTION. Totally extreme one.

Everything was just as everyday. I got back from work, pissed off and tired as hell, hungry as shit… Ok, you know what I mean. But as I hate chaos – I’ve already took out the laudry and emptied the dishwasher, just before dropping myself on bed. As I felt bored just resting (big mistake, I do not get enough relax by doing something all the time!) I started to read another chapter of the amazing, absolutely marvelous and extremely wise book by Jennifer L.Scott – Lessons the Madame Chic. My eyelids dropped, the headache got intense because of tireness, but I kept on going. And then …

There was a description of French wardrobes there. The author claimed that all the chic French need is the wardrobe with 10 items and some accessories. I laughed with irony. What? Never. Suicide is better! And I saw all those Paris Fashion Week victims – do they have 10 items in their wardrobes?! Yes. Maybe. 10 THOUSAND.

But after realizing how the whole idea was crazy, I’ve decided to do it myself!

Well, maybe not exactly as strict as Jennifer L.Scott, but you have to be flexible with everything, don’t you?
So. The plan is to hold out for a week with the wardrobe smaller by 70%. Jesus. I’ll do it.

Sorry guys...
My Extremely Empty Wardrobe

The questions from the book were very useful. This is how they go:

1.       Ask yourself if you still like this thing.
2.       Do you wear it often?
3.       Does it fit you?
4.       Does it still match with you and your current style?

The results of this survey were surprising. It came to me that I don’t really like a lot of the things I wear frequently. And some of those I love, do not fit me anymore (I lost some weight recently). The question about style was the most difficult one.

Now, looking on my wardrobe I can say that:

-          I do not wear many colors, but I have got few things that are extremely colorful
-          I wear all shades of green
-          I’m afraid of buying colors that it is said don’t fit readheads
-          I love having lots of base items (one colour, long sleeved tshirts which I usually wear under the sweater during autumn and winter)
-          I’m a sweater addict
-          I used to cover my shapes
-          I have trouble with throwing away things that someone bought me (my mum mostly…)
-          I’m not the classic type but I said goodbye to the ethnic me also
-          I’m monotonous!

All Shades Of Green

All right. The plan is – week with two shelves' wardrobe. Then – who knows? Maybe I’ll throw away the rest and start to live like French? Or I’ll define my new look and go shopping wasting all my money!

It’s a big thing in this experiment – something about asking WHO I AM…?

Monday, August 19, 2013


Recently, my enthusiasm for art of photography have waned over a little bit. I can not help the feeling that everything is repetitive and all the pictures could come from the same photographer. It's not a big deal to take an expensive or old camera, shot the picture, do some photoshop work and name your own site (it usually sounds like John Bull's Photography or Anna Karenina's Photography Art  - maybe I'm jealous, because with my name and surname no Art or Photography looks good!). All of those artistic projects want to held the idea of spirit and metaphor in its pictures, show beauty and temeperament, move the softest strings of our soul - and because of that they end to be repetitive and release  no emotion at all.
And because of that I rarely catch my own cameras, too. Photography was my everyday joy, but don't see its sense now. Everything looks the same and I always thought photography is an art of sharing the moments. Showing others what they didn't have a chance to see at that time. And with whom should I share it? Make my own site with Photography in the name and have no followers? ;)
And I really have nothing to photograph. I did it all before.

But, well, apart from digressions about the artistic stagnation, I wanted to say that I found today some photographies that moved me. Maybe not because of their artistic flair, but the subject itself. Some photos are not ingeniously amazing, but the happiness lightning from them is very positive. Especially on such bad Monday as today.
America - in America everyone's happy.

So, what about happy families? do they exist?

Rebecca Sehn claims - yes and shows them

I love the light.
I love the themes of paths and open spaces and the ocean.
What a great metaphors of the family life.

This Little Lady is the Queen of  Charm!

Friday, August 16, 2013


It's the last afternoon at home and I feel really sad. Tomorrow I return to my rented room. It's nearby, but nothing's better than your own quiet and comfortable place. I hate changes. I sit and think about moving, about changing locations, about how I want to have a cosy place just for my own. Yes, maybe I'm too young for this. It's time of rented flats, taming with discomfort, sharing place with other people. That's how it goes.
Today I'm running all the time into beautiful pictures of charming rooms, interior designs...and I almost feel pain in my chest.
So instead of interior photos I choose to look at outdoors.

And as I'm going to study French from this year and because I'll probably never go there because of my  anxiety, I choose Canal du Midi...
I've always prefered imagination than reality.

Canal du Midi  (May 24, 1681). It connects the Garonne (near Toulouse) and the Mediterranean port of S├Ęte. From December 7, 1996 is under the patronage of UNESCO.

Monday, August 12, 2013

And put it in your pocket...

I had a fight with my boyfriend yesterday's evening, but what good came with it is that he phoned me late at night to say that tonight, stars are massively falling down. I've never liked looking at the sky. It seemed boring to me and recently because of my anxiety problem I cannot stand this huge space the sky is. I feel trapped and frightened thinking about it. Oh, and my neck hurts so much when I look up!:)
But yesterday, just to be nice for my boy, I've opened my attic's window and waited for the star to fall. Once I thought I saw it, but it was nothing than a quick, blurred flash. But then - what a performance! It was very quick, but the star's "tail" glimmered in my eyes long after. Such a unique feeling. I know, that maybe for you, my dreamgirls and bloggers, it's an obvious experience. But I felt it for the first time and it was incredible.

Today, at our Polish sky it will be even more falling stars. It is said that about 1300 per hour! It's sad when think that the star ends their life like this. But that how it goes. 

Of course, I remembered to make a wish. What was it? No, I'm not afriad that if I tell you it won't come true. I thought about having a lot of magic moments in life. Yes, I dream about fairytales. And if they doesn't appear I will make them myself . As it is said here - it's all about power of your imagination.

I've got a nice nail laquer with silver glitter for my birthday. I think I will put it on for today star's show. Just in case someone wanted me to be his star this night...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Pink wall

Today I discovered this genius book cover of "Lolita", designed by Jamie Keenan. It's absolutely amazing. So gentle and shocking at the same time. I looked at other Keenan's projects, but none of them compare to this piece. I love the simplicity of the idea. I feel like it's asking questions about gender and feminity power. Reading "Lolita" from book with this cover would be surely forwarded by such interpretation.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Midnight note to Summertime

Dear me, I  promise to focus on little things and capture it more frequently into some kind of amateur art!

Playing some 60ties tunes, waiting as my wet hair make themselves into terrible knots. I'm thirsty but water with melon and mint leafs is probably still in the fridge. Already midnight. It will be another hot summer day. What will I take from it?