Friday, December 27, 2013

90'ties, 60ties... The day that's been wasted.

Christmas, Christmas and it's over...

But today's like the third day of celebrating, because I do absolutely nothing sensible. I had really bad dreams tonight (think I should have get used to it by now...) and stayed in bed till afternoon. Had a breakfast in bed and watched almost-Xmas movie. I do not really trust my boyfriend's taste in choosing a film or music, but I get easily involved in any plot so this film also caught my attention. Don't like movies from 80ties and 90ties also, but it is a bad habit to judge things before getting to know them, isn't it?

If you don't have an idea for another movie you can give a chance to 29th Street. I liked the part of Lainie Kazan - she's so nineties!
And I've just discovered she's a singer and recorded some songs. And that she was a real sixties diva too!

 It makes a good mood. Good apres-Noel mood.

Sorry if  this film and songs are well-known to you. Here in Poland, we're not so familiar with everything from across the ocean, so Lainie was a discovery for me:)

Dear, I wasted whole Friday but it's so hard to motivate to get on with the life...

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