Thursday, August 18, 2016

Real fairytales

Between artificial fairytales and oversentimental constructions, in the works of Irina Dzhul true treasures can be found with their sensitivity, emotions and untold histories that are still fairytales, but far more life-like. The fairytales we also live in, or almost can.

"Que Deus, que é quem dá paciência e coragem, ajude vocês a viverem bem uns com os outros, seguindo o exemplo de Cristo Jesus! E isso para que vocês, todos juntos, como se fossem uma só pessoa, louvem ao Deus e Pai do nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo." (Romanos 15:5-6):

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer with Ices

This girl looks and sounds like summer, doesn't she?

I wish my summer looks like this - catching lights and shadows and wind in my hair, feeling feminine and chic from time to time, happy in my own skin, wandering through the city, enjoying events, discovering new places, music, books, people, but also feeling perfectly well by myself, celebrating each summer evening, making magic.

Lia Ices

Friday, April 22, 2016

Disney style inspiration: Mary Poppins

Of course the real Mary was nothing like smiley and singey Julie Andrews. And the drawn nanny Poppins was far more stylish than the movie one.
But the magic of a film is not to be underestimated in a matter of clothes. We can mingle two of them to come with a perfect essence of Mary, everyone with their own recipe and favourite spices. A really feminine version with sex-appeal? All-in-laces pretty one? Mary-the-Vagabond? Librarian? Aristocrat? Boheme? Be my guest! 

1. Mary Chique

I love the bow tie- completes the outfit!:

2. Bohemian Mary

Flat-Top Boater Hat by Urban Outfitters   It's really cute and matches my style sort of:

!!!!!  Ralph Lauren Fall 2013 RTW - Details - Fashion Week - Runway, Fashion Shows and Collections - Vogue - Vogue:

yep... going to need to have another look at that....#YasminSewell with her tailoring and layering. Paris. #JasonJean:

3. Mary the Prep Girl 

Vintage style. Very Mary Poppins-esque!:

Mary Poppins Costume DIY:

Ladies Chocolate High Heel Lace Up Retro Vintage Inspired Boho Shoes SKU-1090642:

4. Mary - book version

"Mary Poppins" Carpet Bag – Holt Bros. Mercantile:

WANT!  Mary Poppins Carpet Bag  #Victorian #MaryPoppins #carpetbag:

Double-breasted coat - JUNYA WATANABE:

5. Mary and the frills

I adore this look!! WDYT ladies love or loathe!! Please comment.... Favorite look ever!! for current rates and availablity contact

Rosaspina Vintage: Venezia:

6. Mary the Librarian Girl

Rosaspina Vintage A/W 2013:

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7. Mary the Artist

Ralph Lauren Fall 2013 burgundy red sweater charcoal heather grey long skirt bag blue velvet scarf:
Got to have these!! Dark Teal Betsey's Buttons Bootie #zulily #zulilyfinds:

8. Mary up-to-date

Brown oversized vegan weekender bag | Sole Society Lacie:

Mary Poppins Infinity Scarf for Gals by SassySkirtsForGals on Etsy, $29.00:

Disney Mary Poppins Umbrella and Carpet Bag Jewelry Brooch Pin VERY RARE!:

Spoonful of Sugar Border Print Full Skirt via Go Follow Rabbits on Etsy $45.99: