Saturday, October 26, 2013

Douche, em...tote bag.

Yay, it's my first REALLY CRAFTY POST... I'm nervous because I'm not sure what am I talking about. My DIY passion is mostly viewing works of others, doing some birthday cards for friends and earrings which I usually wear on my own (once or twice...).

But today I want to show you....

what you already know from other blogs and videos.
Though, every blogger has to do it by herself and make sure she's original.

So, today I'm gonna show you...


Mine is awful. Prints are boring, colors are poor and the effect is sloppy. But it is mine! Exactly. That's what it's all about.
My previous cotton bag was bought in Cracow and reminded me how terrible was my life there. And the bag has Frederic Chopin on it. And it's dirty. I had to make a new one.
I must have cotton bag to carry my books and notepads. My poor back is to achy to carry everything in one purse. So I always carry so many bags with myself. A cotton one is always there.

So I made it on a really bad day, in the evening. I was tired, the light was bad also. But how can you express the joy of making sponge stamps?! Come on, it's amazing. And you know what was the best part of making it! Having your fingers dirty with paint! Incredible feeling, believe me. I love it.
Decorating the bag took 15 minutes. I chose the so-fashionable geometric pattern as my inspiration.

Ta-daaaaam !!!!!

It's so non-perfect that it's awesome

Well, it's all about getting a white cotton bag, make some stamps with spoonge, potatos, rubber, cork or whatever you think about and paint (acrylic, tempera, for textils...) and unleash your imagination. 
You don't have to stamp. But I think it's great fun. You can make it rampant and inaccurate like me or take your time with detailed decorations (for example I love the pattern with little polka dots made with pencil rubber).

The cotton bag is cheap and if you have got enough time and ideas you can make a lot of them and everyday take the one which best matches your outfit.

And here are some other ideas from great websites:


this one is surprising! click

But remember - whatever you do - don't be perfect! (because it makes me feel bad...)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beautiful ulgly women

Because the previous 24h were full of grieving, I had that rescue thought that it is needed to do a cheerful post.

It's all about being a woman, yes? Women inspire me so much. So many kinds of them are down here, on Earth.
There are also women who are quite ulgly, but bring with themselves so much beauty. Just like Laura Veirs.
It's very special not to be pretty but have so much charm - because of the words, the sounds, the visions.
I listen to Laura and feel calmed down. Like standing on a cliff and looking around. Feeling peace and acceptance. I think I'm similar to Laura, we have similar souls and we look similar also (you can make your own opinion about that, I share my really everyday photo without any styling, posing or photoshoping).
She looks like she found her place here and does what she wants. She makes people smile. She is joyful and simple. Everything seems to be slower and simpler with such women.

Because, come on, who writes songs about sun these days?

Matches inside your golden hair

Catch all the light, I fight to death, I swear!
As all the other mothers would remember
Stalked by winter solace in a small, warm hand

Laura, spread your magic. Heal.

Wracked by winter, I'm cupping my coals in the sand

Growing like a starlight 'cross a garden of night I'll fan
Bones of lonely memories surround me
Good time skeletons are kicking at the ground

In the blue stained glass church

You gathered up my heart
Soldered together all the tiny shattered parts
I said, 'all I can see in front of me is the armpit of a crow'
You closed the ring and opened the door
And ran into the summer yard

Can you hear the cliffside's heart

Bubbling red and deep?
When you're slow not stop and start
You can burn a memory

My favourite song for now (but it's hard to decide, her new album is very good)

* just a comment before you argue with me - I know nobody should be called ulgly, but as I was described like this many times I treat this word as something almost of my own and I approve myself to decide when and where use this mot properly

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blogging thought AGAIN and healing then...

this drawing does't match to this part of my post
but it looks nice here

Well, a blogging problem is a hard thing to deal with. Sometimes I wanna be a style blogger just like the most of you, but I don't have enough patience and time to follow all those posts of yours, to spend time only on looking for this kind of inspirations. But it's so cool to be a blogger who posts regularly and gets lots of comments. I'm jealous when I look at all those sites with lots of followers. I know that you have to work for fame ;)) and I'm not sure if it's so worth for me... But having a style blog with your photos and comments is a good way to catch the moments of your life. I do not trust digitality, but who knows - maybe it really saves the memory?

I've also got a problem with categorizing my writings. I have many blogs, I'm an addict, and every single one of them was made for different kind of posting. I'm not sure which things I prefer to describe in Polish, which in English (soon it will be possible to write in French, oh mon dieu...) so usually I just don't write, because making a decision is so tiring...;) And I can see that I'm not fluent in writing and finding best words, everything is some kind of harsh. I was a good writer once, I was good at imagining and describing things. I was happy doing this.

I have to admit that blogging is very important for me. I've blogged since I've got and Internet. Almost nine years passed. I love blogs. I love blogging word. But it's all so chaotic...

But for today I think I will just be my kind of blogger. I'm me. My life is mine. My inpirations are inspiring me. And if I'm not able to be a frequent "poster" (yes, for example I love word-metaphor games), to let you know of my everyday style, inspirations, looks, finds, reads, eats... well. I have to cope with eat. Deal with it. Make myself like my blogging way and wait patiently with hope for your words and presence.

[wow, I've got a good reflections day today... I just made myself think that when I'm bored at work I don't have to check e-mail and facebook thousand times per hour. I can READ ARTICLES on the Internet, not LEAVING THEM FOR A BETTER TIME, when I'm more relaxed, more thoughtful...let's face it: I'm never more relaxed. Never more ready.]

Ok, no more speaking.

Mandalas found today. Clear, delicate, fascinating Mark Golding's works.

“I’m back in the woods for another walk, this time I’m feeling really low, sad, helpless and I’m crying. I leave the woods and wander up into one of the surrounding meadows, find a clear open space and I sit upon a small hillock, with my head in my hands, and I cry, and cry, and cry.
From my despair I am aware of a presence around me, I look up, and 6 horses have wandered and gathered around me, looking into my soul, with understanding and empathy for my sorrow.
Two of the horses walk slowly towards me, one brown, one black, and press their noses upon my cheeks, and they breathe me. Their breath becomes my breath, and we 3 breathe together, as they heal me, as they understand my sorrow.
And for moments I can speak horse. From mind to mind we share communication, and they ease my suffering. This is a unique and magical moment in my life, and a crossroads in my recovery. We share common experiences of love, pain and suffering in a communion of souls, a communion that knows none of the parameters of conventional understanding and this breaks down a barrier within my soul, that had hitherto separated me, Mark the human being, from the majesty and unity of the animal kingdom.”


Better to look at only one picture first. Looking on them together can blur the effect.

I have to find time to try it. And patience. Definitely patience.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just few moments

Every year, the Art Directors Club of Denver recognizes the incredible achievements of a handful of highly talented students in an annual awards show. At their recently wrapped one, the winner for Integrated Campaign was communication design student Buddy Bravo from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. His series of five posters are not only beautifully designed, with that art deco/retro twist, they’re wonderfully inspiring, as well.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Van Noten's mess

Busy time, busy time! I've just started my new studies and I'm completely not creative. So sorry for not posting for a while, but I'm sure nobody really cares. I still focus on facing the truth I'll never be a popular blogger!

Something about hair today. I recently cut mine and from that day I feel awful. I was growing my hair long for a while and they were over the shoulders when I have that idea to cut them. I wanted to give 'em some life because they were thin and damaged because of stress, weather or whatever. But it was a mistake. They are not much healthier and I really hate my actual hairstyle. I didn't cut much of the hair. They are about shoulder lenght, but layered quite a lot. And I can do nothing with that haircut, just pray for them to grow fast. Hairstyle mistakes are definitely one of the worst mistakes ever! 

But what I want to show you is, first of all, the 4 illustrations of classic fashionable hairstyles by the popular designers. You can find them here and check which of them are closest to your own. 
I decided that now I'm a very very very bad copy of  Dries van Noten's. And even if the drawn hairstyle is too lovely, simple and neat to  look like my cut, the other hairdos from van Noten's fashion shows do!

Well, if some fashion specialists claims that those messy, flat looks are great and stylish I have to make myself proud of what I wear on my head! Because it looks quite the same usually...


Let me now which one of the illustrated hairstyles suits you best!