Monday, December 30, 2013

Year goes by and music plays...

Making playlist is exhausting and funny at the same time. It's hard to start and it's hard to stop. This time I thought about serving you a compilation of nice songs for New Year's Eve and the songs that were meaningful for me in 2013, at the same time. Hope you'll find something for yourself.

But first of all - no party takes place without watching this video before:


Daft Punk

My boyfriend's obssesion. Their new album was a soundtrack to beginnings of our relationships.
Definitely one of the most popular editions in 2013.

Get lucky



I had a crush with that (well, not so new) tune. It's hipnotizing.

Club thing

deep blue party look


A Polish artist, but that's a certain thing she'll be famous abroad. My 2013 best discovery, mostly because the very simple, but great lyrics.


Image Via: The Glitter Guide


Something vintage and lovely with temporary beat. The memory of summer.

April Showers

Disco balls. I wanna put on my boogie shoes


Yes, I've spend some of my music time on glittery pop. And that was one of my amazements.

Body party

Silver Sparkle glitter heels with platform and matching glitter bag and Brit

More of american business - this song was important in first glimpses of our relationship, too. So it has to be here. And because I simply love it. There's no year without Will.

Scream and shout


Fifth Harmony

Today's discovery. Maybe it's not a song to dance, but girls voices are beautiful.

Want you back

Sundown Syndrome: Coctail Party - Pa┼║dziernik

Alex Winston

My winter inpiration. I knew her some time ago and did a come back to those tunes.

Velvet Elvis

disco balls and tassels

Rosin Murphy

And a surprise even for me - I heard this song for the first time some days ago and I found it perfect for the year farewell. Just because of the melody.

Tell everybody



This song is Polish too. And it's soo Polish it almost hurts. I hate this band, I hate the video (it's sooo Polish, I'm telling you...) but the melody and rythm is so catchy that I can't imagine any disco without it. Sad, but true. So forget and dance.




And the last one is another tribute to my boyfriend and his music taste.
With this song - I WANNA WISH YOU A HAPPY, FULLFILLING NEW YEAR!!! See you there:)


My favorite kind of fireworks <3

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  1. I will come back and listen to your awesome playlist, no headphones here! I wanted to wish you a wonderful and very Happy New Year!! x x x