Thursday, December 31, 2015

NYE for boring fashionista

If you are a boring and anti-social nerdy person as I am, you are probably spending New Year's Eve at home. Maybe even totally alone or with a cat, maybe with an even more boring boyfriend. Wine or champagne, TV with 5 channels, radio, or warmly purring laptop. Maybe you are devoted to reading all night, catching up with all recent magazines you had no time to read or finishing this 100th book, just to make it a round number before midnight.

But maybe you are also a fan of fashion and make-up and you would like to fantasize (or even bring to life!!) about pretty outfit you could put on tonight to be absolutely mesmerizing while lying on the couch, turning the pages and sipping a drink.

Here are some of my ideas.

Nerdy New Year's Eve n0.1

Nerdy New Year's Eve n0.2

Nerdy New Year's Eve n0.3

New Year's Eve with books

Nerdy New Year's Eve n0.3

Nerdy New Year's Eve n0.3 by nessa-ii featuring a bodum teapot

I think I'll pick up the last one!

May you have good time today, especially the ones staying in bed with a book or favourite show!

Happy, happy NEW YEAR!!!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Polish Silver Screen Divas: Barbara Brylska

One of the most beautiful Polish actresses of all time - absolutely magnetic one.
Barbara Brylska.

Polish version of Francoise Hardy?

Or Polish Anna Karina...

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Disney style inspiration - Anita

I'm not good at keeping periodicy or being systematic, especially if it comes to blogs that no one, apart from me, reads, hahaha... So I don't know if this is part one of any cycle, if it will have its continuation, or not, but the idea came to me suddenly and I called myself brilliant.

101 dalmatines was never my favourite Disney movies (you know, princesess were better), but now, as a grown up, I think that Anita's and Roger is one of the sweetest and best dressed couples in Disney history - they are closest to REALITY.

And Anita - with her textual job and sense of elegance, glasses and facial expressions, not mentioning the love for books, is kind of Disney girl I could be.

#Modest doesn't mean frumpy. Traveling in style. #vintageinspired:

via hello mr fox:

It's like an outfit for a sexy librarian safari!:

speechless. It's Annie Hall re-worked. The hats comsposition is amazing..and the shoes. My heart has skipped a beat.:

Librarian style:

I love this outfit, so much green (my favorite color) and I definitely want this coat!:

Megan Nielsen Veronika skirt FREE sewing pattern:

another beautiful capture from the sartorialist. #thesartorialist #fashion #fashionweek :

"Librarian Chic" by dathacurtis on Polyvore:

On the Street….West Twelfth St., New York:


i love the minty nailpolish and the pink skirt, and even love the moth holes in this sweater.:

And if you're a girl and more inspired by Roger...

Parisian Chic for Autumn | The Petite Bijou: