Monday, November 25, 2013


Do you recognize her? 
If you are a blogger and tumblr user, you probably do. She's easy to find in reblogs, gifs, avatars or more artistic collages. 

She can look also like that:

And where you can find here outside the internet?
Well... on plates.

Because it was Piero Fornasetti who made this sketch famous by putting it on his plates collection. He was a painter and sculpturer but now is  best known for being a designer of room accessories. 

For Piero Fornasetti, a single idea provided enough inspiration to create infinite variations. In fact, much of his work involved constant evolutions of specific themes. By allowing his imagination to roam freely. Fornasetti was able to constantly reinvent or reinterpret an image.

...but the most famous, the image that inspired Fornasetti to coin the title ‘Tema e Variazioni’, is the enigmatic face of a woman.

Who was she?

Her name is Lina. Natalina Cavalieri - famous opera singer. 

Lina Cavalieri’s face, explained Piero Fornasetti, was another archetype – a quintessentially beautiful and classic image, like a Greek statue, enigmatic like the ‘Gioconda’ and therefore able to take shape into the idea that was slowly building in his mind. 

Now, Lina is a design icon. But she lived. And she was a real, beautiful woman. So let's stop for a minute and look at her.

It's a face you never forget. 

And that voice

That's a true muse. She must be an angel now, if there are angels. 
But whatever - she's worth following. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Balls and gowns.

Probably every girl dreams about attending a real ball. Me too. But I never really did and maybe I'll never do. Not a REAL ball. Like those from American films, Tolstoy books or fairytales. But there are plenty (if you are popular) or less (if not, as I am) occassions to attend a semi-balls. In Poland we celebrate a ball which is organised about one hundred days before taking the matura exam. The average girl waits for it the whole three years she goes to secondary school. She sees it as the really big day, like if she would become a Queen of the Party or sth. But the truth is this event is quite boring and never looks like your imagined one.

Rarely, but sometimes there are some other ways to make yourself appear on a somekinda ball. My faculty organise one and, that'sa surprise even for me, I decided to go. A dress has been spontaniously bought. The supplies for making a mask too.

I'm into a ball mood, that's true. Even if in stead of a ballroom there is a disco bar and in stead of a prince...well. Grown up girls don't have time for such nonsense as believing the fairytales, so I try to force myself not to expect more. But sometimes, when you here Tchaikovsky's valzes...

"Cinderella and Fairy Godmother in Dior Couture 2011" by Nicola Gobbetto


Bluebeard’s Secret Chamber Of The Modes Of The Moment: A Fashion Phantasy By Felix De Gray, 1922
source: 0rchid_thief


Based on the 1970’s Catherine Deneuve movie Donkey Skin 
it’s the sky dress, or tried 
my scanner killed the colors 


Donkey Skin

"Phenomenon" by Kathleen Jennings

Yves Saint Laurent
Evening dress designed and worn by Alma Cogan, late 1950’s
Bust is 92cm/36in, waist is 64cm/25in, about a size 12 UK/8 US.
Click to go to the absentee bidding page.  This Kerry Taylor auction will end October 16th at 2:00 PM GMT (9:00 AM EST).  You will need to register to bid ahead of time.


Evening dress, 1890’s
The next few posts will be from an old Doyle New York auction discovered by American Duchess.  Incredible stuff, just not so incredible pictures, unfortunately.

Robe √† l’anglaise, ca 1780 France, Museo de la Moda


Selyse Baratheon - Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 1995
1995 Lacroix haute couture
Ballgown by Pierre Balmain, 1950’s France, Les Arts D√©coratifs

And one more thing about balls and fairytales - remember, you can always get to the wrong place... 

the illustrations from

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Is it possible? Easy hairdos.

When I watch all those yt tutorials I think all shown hairdos there,  are simple and pretty, but when I try to do them on my hair - you can imagine the disaster. So why try all those pinterest diva's ideas, when hairdos presented on are so simple and pretty that you don't even need a tutorial?

Don't get me wrong - I love all DIY beauty stuff on the internet, but sometimes you just want to go back to times, when websites weren't the only source of inspiration and you just went to school/meet with friends and all the hairstyles were obvious and very feminine!
(Of course some of the presented ones does not look so simple - if you like those ones, pinterest's  account of Uniqlo (what an irony...) offers more specific descriptions.)

Pin for many more

Give it a try!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


My subjective playlist, perfect for a beautiful november.

Now she's leaving


Left the abbeys


Play also the album with Isobel Campbell! 

And from which film you now this song best? :)

I'm glad I discovered Lena Kaufman. She seems to be a very original artist and singing in russian makes her intrigueing. 

And just to remember what we have. (Glasgow, you know what I mean)

Hope you've enjoyed this sound box of varieties. 
Let me know.

Have a good November.