Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bloody rose and burning desire.

My impressions:

No.1 - Oh, her again.
No.2 - So boring. 
No.3 - Same as always.And riddiculous.
No.4 - Does she really sing that low?
No.5 - Well, she's classy.
No.6 - She'll be a legend. Not bad legend.
No.7 - Love that retro videos
No.8 - The end? Can't stop singing to myself.
No.9 - Play again.
No.10 - No, I got it on my mind!
No.11 - Would it be embarassing if I share it on facebook?
No.12 - Yes, not after sharing Tori.
No.13 - Can't stop singing.
No.14 - I'm melting with those sounds.
No.15 - Play again

Friday, February 15, 2013

Hello lamas

Another brand that fits me perfectly. I'm still into all those autumn colours and patterns, long sweaters, high boots, scarfs. Even though many friends tell me that I'm young and slim so I should wear more intenisve colours, shorter dresses and high heels. I'm teared between all this. But the solution I think is obvious - it all depend on mood and weather. Don't think I would ever change forever my modest autumn patterns into chic feminine and fashionable ones. They are so me, whatever I wanna change... 

Peruvian connection

If I ever would afford that...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Welcome to Storybrooke

Because I love so much the Once Upon a Time series (well, it doesn't matter that I can count about twelve stupid undermakings in at least season 2...), and because the sentimental mood is always here, for the girl, to cuddle her in glittering tears (yeah, I hear what it sounds like!) and waiting sadly for a fairytale to happen is always better than frustration when you don't believe it anymore*. These are the reasons for this post. I know some of those pictures are kitsch, but I hope they can make a difference because of their brightness and sweetness and...whatever.

 what I would do without fairytales?! 

well, fuck the princes - it's all about dresses and castles!!! 

*well, I think that the fairytale fullfillment isn't really meeting the love of your life, or becoming the fairest of them all. I guess it's about making the fairytale in your mind - believing in some kind of magic, being sensitive and imagining lots of wonderful things in your mind, creating beauty and acting in real world like you're from over the hills and far away (that means soulful, not weird...) - as I wrote in blog's expalanation - everything depends on our imagination and how we make ourselves feel
PS. Of course I still want palaces, gowns, shoes, crowns, secret gardens and jewellery! 

pictures from fb fansite - Welcome to Storybrooke

other girlish fairytale stuff that came to my mind now: confetti, champagne, looking good and walking properly in high heels, bright smile, long dress, smell of flowers, glass chandalier, ribbons, fountain, antiques, books, caligraphied letters, stairs, being able to dance beautifully, stream, stones, forest, wine, riding a horse, jewels, wishes come true...