Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A blog breakthrough

Well, I never did it before and didn't want because I can't. I can't pose, I don't have place and time to take outfit photos as good as yours. I don't have interesting outfits and I don't like myself. But today I felt so so so inspired by your blogs that I couldn't help myself and tried.
Maybe it's because this new skirt. I saw her yesterday on sale and fell in love. But unfortunately I have a debit on my account. I suffered all day, couldn't think about anything else - just that skirt, which I had to leave in the shop. It was crazy. But - for what else we have lovely boyfriends? We both have a total lack of money, but he hasn't got a debit yet so... Here it is, my lovely skirt MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE!!!

Well, and those outfit photos were a little gift for myself after almost ending well my exams:)

Hope for your comments!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Check me out

Just a quick check if you are any interested in outfits presented this way.
These are poor, quick tries but I used to draw a lot of those some time ago and I'm making up my mind if I want to start again, more frequently.


Saturday, January 25, 2014


Nice varieties. I do not check from which brands or sites are those things, because I can't afford it anyway. So, if you want to know, you have to look for it by yourselves :))

1. Shoes

2. Wedding

3. Art

The studium of loneliness, isn't it?

Months by Pierre Le-Tan2
Pierre Le Tan

4. Editorial







Scandinavia SSAW

5. Clothes

6. Nails

7. Vintage

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Does anyone of you know how to do such an half updo? I found lots of similar ones, but not exactly this. And I really like it! It's very "me". Sorry for the quality of the photo, but that's a print screen from watching "Enlightened" and this is of course fabulous Laura Dern. I like how she looks in the series. 

Laura's beauty type is quite challenging, but fascinating also. I can't tell she is beautiful, but the word Woman should be spelled with big W while speaking about her. She's very tall and looks much older than she really is. I don't think she looks good on photos, but her true charm is visible while watching her move and act.
She's amazing in "Enlightened". 

So, if you have any idea how to do so-looking hair, please

Back to studying for another exams.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Comfort and celebrated zone

Usually you want to be like a star because of their fame, money, beauty, gowns, voyages, friends... 
But when I looked at those photos I thought that yes, I want to be a star - because of their cosy little moments of being a normal, but somehow privileged to enjoy themselves, people. Want to feel comfortable, confident, relaxed, loved. 

Welcome to Instagram's world of comfort and happiness.

Kim Kardashian

Jaime King

Cameron Diaz

Drew Barrymore <3

Enjoy your week and find some good moments to relax.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Miserable Natalie and her week

I have mixed feelings about this week, as always. The beginning was quite promising - I felt loved and surprisingly, I suceed in reading texts for phonetique. Then, tired by exhausting days and people, not enough sleep, not enough eating, not calm enough I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a formless, miserable, messy girl. After a year of loosing weight because of anxiety I have put on 3 kg within a week. And it can be seen. I'm worried. My hair is pompous and lifeless at the same time. And today I had another proof that the harder I try, the more stupid I am. I mean my French. Almost five years of learning this language and I'm as bad as I was at the beginning. This is quite a shock for me, because I always was talented and had good marks.

Yes, this is my common friday. Too many agressive thoughts and misery. I hate people. 
Sorry for that . The lovely bubble of inspiration of this blog has just bursed. 

Are there so good things to say?

Well, this week I've seen "Kate&Leopold" again with that adorable tune by Sting, which makes me melt with tender. By listening to this I almost feel like becoming a romantic, fragile and shy girl again. With lots of dreams.

I bought myself a nautitius bracelet. I into sea motives very much.

And I saw brilliant photos which can bring you back a little bit of faith that there is sense in the world, somewhere.

Elena Shumilova photography

And then I got Barcelona in a quiz What city should you actually live in?
I liked the choice. Wonder if I'll ever go there. For now it's just impossible to imagine with my fear of traveling.

You got Barcelona: 

You are a little bit of everything: half party, half pensive. You’re just  as happy out clubbing as you are spending a long dinner with friends. You’re known to have a unique taste in everything, and you’re proud of it.

Time to go back to studying before exams. Just to prove myself that those studies are senseless and that I'm not that smart I used to be.

Have a great weekend, try to relax and keep your fingers crossed for my poor fate.

And sorry for such a pathetic post.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Soiree memories enchanted.

Yesterday we had a delightful soiree and I'm so sad it's over. It contained little shopping (which always makes me happy), mocca in my favourite, paris-stylised cafe, listening to music (mostly Nouvelle Vague), eating tosts, making ourselves drunk with white sparkling wine (which wasn't actually a good idea) and lots of love. 

Now I'm sitting alone, tending to study because of tomorrow's exam, but totally unable to do so. Lost in memories, in missing him, half asleep. I remind myself of every little thing we did together yesterday and one of them was reading Vogue Italia in the cafe. It was 2008 issue and we both loved the photographs of Emma Watson by Mark Seliger. We are not a huge fans of her, but those shots are incredibly beautiful (except two or three which matches more someone like Taylor Swift...). The atmosphere of the photos is so lovely. And it comes with the things I'm into very much - ladies and palaces, beautiful dresses - everything because learning about Burbon era in France recently. 

Now I look at those pages again and feel better, like he was right beside me, and like it was yesterday without time passing...

I love the place, I love dresses.
I want to be there and look like this.