Sunday, January 12, 2014

Soiree memories enchanted.

Yesterday we had a delightful soiree and I'm so sad it's over. It contained little shopping (which always makes me happy), mocca in my favourite, paris-stylised cafe, listening to music (mostly Nouvelle Vague), eating tosts, making ourselves drunk with white sparkling wine (which wasn't actually a good idea) and lots of love. 

Now I'm sitting alone, tending to study because of tomorrow's exam, but totally unable to do so. Lost in memories, in missing him, half asleep. I remind myself of every little thing we did together yesterday and one of them was reading Vogue Italia in the cafe. It was 2008 issue and we both loved the photographs of Emma Watson by Mark Seliger. We are not a huge fans of her, but those shots are incredibly beautiful (except two or three which matches more someone like Taylor Swift...). The atmosphere of the photos is so lovely. And it comes with the things I'm into very much - ladies and palaces, beautiful dresses - everything because learning about Burbon era in France recently. 

Now I look at those pages again and feel better, like he was right beside me, and like it was yesterday without time passing...

I love the place, I love dresses.
I want to be there and look like this.


  1. It's not just me! I adore the fantasies created by Vogue, the other worldliness, the fairytales and how intriguing the images are - it must have been a wonderful soiree with your love, it is tough when you miss him so much, but so much sweetness when you see him again - good luck with your exam, I do hope it goes well x x

  2. Taking a trip down memory lane is always bittersweet! I hope you get to see your guy soon, so that a smile may light up your face. These pictures are beautiful. I love how each one is different from the other. Thank you for sharing, and I hope your exam went well! :)