Saturday, January 4, 2014

Glittle candle

EVERYBODY loves simple but beautiful DIYs.
I always wanted to be an expert on that - you know: living in a charming little apartment, with a special room for doing crafty things or just looking for inspiration. With tea and a redhead cat. A lovely, shy but extremely creative girl with passion for little things that make life more pleasant. Eehrm...yeah. I always hope that all those crafty project will look the same as on the blogsites, even better! Well, sadly no.
But it's nice to do it sometimes. And to get inspired.

Did I tell you I love glitter? Life and love are better with glitter.

Idea: glitter candle holders

Source: Sweet Petite -check-

How it supposed to look like:

How it looks like done by me:

I tried a warm-Xmas version. And added some sequins as the bedding.

Hope I've inspired you a little bit.

REMEMBER - world with DIY and with glitter is a better world!


  1. yes to glitter and sequins, and the world is most definitely better with them! gorgeous idea and you did a great job! I love the changes on your blog too! x x x

  2. oh yes glitter and bling bling makes a better world for me too! it looks so beautiful!
    love and kiss,mary