Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Comfort and celebrated zone

Usually you want to be like a star because of their fame, money, beauty, gowns, voyages, friends... 
But when I looked at those photos I thought that yes, I want to be a star - because of their cosy little moments of being a normal, but somehow privileged to enjoy themselves, people. Want to feel comfortable, confident, relaxed, loved. 

Welcome to Instagram's world of comfort and happiness.

Kim Kardashian

Jaime King

Cameron Diaz

Drew Barrymore <3

Enjoy your week and find some good moments to relax.


  1. Lovely images, and always a big 'yes!' to relaxing, I try my best to do it as well as possible! I hope you are having a lovely week and having a relax too x x x

  2. Ha! Nie pomyślałabym o tym w ten sposób.