Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I'm so happy beacuse I finally put a film to my zenit camera after some months! I didn't do it before because two previous times the film broke off and all photos were destroyed. I felt offended by this camera and didn't use it. But when I tried to put a film into it yesterday I felt so happy and fullfilled that I think it's definitely a time to say sorry to my zenit.

Well, but I wanted to share something else today.

Sometimes you meet a woman or just see her, and you know that you want to be her.
You don't know what kind of human being she is, what does she do, sometimes you just see her photo and you know that she's a model playing a role, but... The feeling is strong. You look in amazement and you feel you want to be like her.

Here are some special photos, which made me feel like this. I mostly don't know these women and I don't really tend to. Because it's all about imagination and magic, isn't it?

Do you think they have something in common? 
Maybe answering that question can guide me into the right path into life? 


  1. they look interesting, vulnerable, strong and with a story to tell - some people have that ability, they draw you in even if they are acting or playing a role - good luck with your quest x x x

  2. I think they all look inspired! I hope that helps somehow!