Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Does anyone of you know how to do such an half updo? I found lots of similar ones, but not exactly this. And I really like it! It's very "me". Sorry for the quality of the photo, but that's a print screen from watching "Enlightened" and this is of course fabulous Laura Dern. I like how she looks in the series. 

Laura's beauty type is quite challenging, but fascinating also. I can't tell she is beautiful, but the word Woman should be spelled with big W while speaking about her. She's very tall and looks much older than she really is. I don't think she looks good on photos, but her true charm is visible while watching her move and act.
She's amazing in "Enlightened". 

So, if you have any idea how to do so-looking hair, please

Back to studying for another exams.

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  1. Laura Dern is fabulous, definitely! the half-do I think is backcombed on the top of the head then the top half smoothed, held in to a loose ponytail, twisted and held in with pins, I think anyway! but then have you seen my hair?! I never manage anything properly! good luck with the studies and take rests! x x x