Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week things-thoughts.

So, what's up recently?

After the episode of mood disturbance (going down and down to the black hole) I maintained my strenght again. All I need to do is slowly practice to get better. Control bad thoughts. Do not let anxiety win.
And what helps?
Books, tea, shopping and people!

So, a random review of the week!

As a true woman I feel better when I look better, so I  tried again. At the same time I focused on accepting myself and that I am kind of pretty (if only for myself and my friends), that I don't need as much clothes as I have, that not every new trend looks good on me and I should try to find my own "classics".
And if there are things that need some improvement - try to improve!

For example ... my  nails. I focus on them, because their condition is really poor. So - no nail polish, no biting - just a foundation from Neil Tek and a good cream.

I have also:
+ signed into about.com newsletter of 30 days fitness challenge. Never exercised daily in my life. It might be a failure.
+ downloaded the water app that shows me if I drink enough water per day. Ups, just drunk a big mug of coffee and the percentage decreased :(

About shopping...
Of course I threw away 3 enormous bags of clothes, but today I couldn't help myself and bought some more... I know I done wrong, but I am happy anyway. Shoes make things different, aren't they?

Few days passed and I still have an open bookmark with costume blogs on my pc.
Reading whole site of Porcelanka, totally addictive.
I always loved historical fashion, but now my interest grew bigger and I think it might be for long.
But I don't promise, because I'm changable as the wind. And there is a wide road till I become an expert as the ladies from Krynolina are.


Did some postcrossing crafting:

Baked (after a year without the oven!)

Met a true Lady:

Tried to BE a lady:

And celebrated my birthday!

With the most funny and gorgeous gift:

Thanks for reading, hope you don't mind the wild variety, chaos and mood swings of my posts.


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  1. Dzięki za miłe słowa o moim blogu :)
    Widzę biografię Ch. Bronte pióra Ostrowskiego. Jeszcze jej nie czytałam ;>
    I mamy dokładnie te same foremki na babeczki! :D