Thursday, August 28, 2014

Houses from some unwritten stories.

Homesickness for a place of my own is always with me these days, even though I feel better in my rented flat now. I think it's time to share another dream places. Let's sit and cry together that we don't live there!

Storybook Cottage in Lowry Hill is a great mix of lovely and quite obvious results of design. Of course I paste here only the lovely ones. The bedrooms must be especially cosy in winter!

Storybook style cottage Lowry Hill MN

And this interior reminds me of a magic home of my previous boyfriend. Love for him didn't last, but love to his house - yes! I still hope I will live there someday, maybe I will even consider marrying the guy I don't love. Yes, house of that type is worth it! 

 Garden District in New Orleans

Isn't this dining room a little bit Downton Abbey-ish? 

Which one do you like? 
Do you think any good plot for a story could take place there?
I have 2 weeks of vacation in few days time, maybe some ideas will make me write a fiction again? I lost my inspiration and so-called talent a long time ago, but everything could be reborn, right?


  1. I don't think I could even imagine myself residing in such a home! Or should I say, mansion. That first home stole my heart with the creeping ivy and the uniquely shingled roof!