Saturday, October 26, 2013

Douche, em...tote bag.

Yay, it's my first REALLY CRAFTY POST... I'm nervous because I'm not sure what am I talking about. My DIY passion is mostly viewing works of others, doing some birthday cards for friends and earrings which I usually wear on my own (once or twice...).

But today I want to show you....

what you already know from other blogs and videos.
Though, every blogger has to do it by herself and make sure she's original.

So, today I'm gonna show you...


Mine is awful. Prints are boring, colors are poor and the effect is sloppy. But it is mine! Exactly. That's what it's all about.
My previous cotton bag was bought in Cracow and reminded me how terrible was my life there. And the bag has Frederic Chopin on it. And it's dirty. I had to make a new one.
I must have cotton bag to carry my books and notepads. My poor back is to achy to carry everything in one purse. So I always carry so many bags with myself. A cotton one is always there.

So I made it on a really bad day, in the evening. I was tired, the light was bad also. But how can you express the joy of making sponge stamps?! Come on, it's amazing. And you know what was the best part of making it! Having your fingers dirty with paint! Incredible feeling, believe me. I love it.
Decorating the bag took 15 minutes. I chose the so-fashionable geometric pattern as my inspiration.

Ta-daaaaam !!!!!

It's so non-perfect that it's awesome

Well, it's all about getting a white cotton bag, make some stamps with spoonge, potatos, rubber, cork or whatever you think about and paint (acrylic, tempera, for textils...) and unleash your imagination. 
You don't have to stamp. But I think it's great fun. You can make it rampant and inaccurate like me or take your time with detailed decorations (for example I love the pattern with little polka dots made with pencil rubber).

The cotton bag is cheap and if you have got enough time and ideas you can make a lot of them and everyday take the one which best matches your outfit.

And here are some other ideas from great websites:


this one is surprising! click

But remember - whatever you do - don't be perfect! (because it makes me feel bad...)

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