Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beautiful ulgly women

Because the previous 24h were full of grieving, I had that rescue thought that it is needed to do a cheerful post.

It's all about being a woman, yes? Women inspire me so much. So many kinds of them are down here, on Earth.
There are also women who are quite ulgly, but bring with themselves so much beauty. Just like Laura Veirs.
It's very special not to be pretty but have so much charm - because of the words, the sounds, the visions.
I listen to Laura and feel calmed down. Like standing on a cliff and looking around. Feeling peace and acceptance. I think I'm similar to Laura, we have similar souls and we look similar also (you can make your own opinion about that, I share my really everyday photo without any styling, posing or photoshoping).
She looks like she found her place here and does what she wants. She makes people smile. She is joyful and simple. Everything seems to be slower and simpler with such women.

Because, come on, who writes songs about sun these days?

Matches inside your golden hair

Catch all the light, I fight to death, I swear!
As all the other mothers would remember
Stalked by winter solace in a small, warm hand

Laura, spread your magic. Heal.

Wracked by winter, I'm cupping my coals in the sand

Growing like a starlight 'cross a garden of night I'll fan
Bones of lonely memories surround me
Good time skeletons are kicking at the ground

In the blue stained glass church

You gathered up my heart
Soldered together all the tiny shattered parts
I said, 'all I can see in front of me is the armpit of a crow'
You closed the ring and opened the door
And ran into the summer yard

Can you hear the cliffside's heart

Bubbling red and deep?
When you're slow not stop and start
You can burn a memory

My favourite song for now (but it's hard to decide, her new album is very good)

* just a comment before you argue with me - I know nobody should be called ulgly, but as I was described like this many times I treat this word as something almost of my own and I approve myself to decide when and where use this mot properly


  1. You have an uterly fascinating blog. When I read that last post, I immediately thought "why did I stop listening to Laura?" She was in one of my playlist, though, but I don't listen to it so often. So I'm listening to Little Deschutes as I type!

    1. You are so nice!
      Listen to Laura's newest album. It's my favourite so far.

  2. Oh, I love your hair colour so much!
    And thanks for your nice words on my last post!

    Have a great day,

  3. I am going to argue with you (nicely, I hope) because I don't think Laura is ugly, even from a purely physical aesthetic perspective. I can't imagine why anyone would think her so. And I certainly do not think you are ugly! Infact based on your photo that seems a bizarre word to use for you. Actually you are quite beautiful. And I say this as a complete stranger on my first visit to this site. If you are ugly, there's no hope for the rest of us! :-)

    I haven't heard of Laura before, I'm looking forward to hearing her music. And reading more here :-)