Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blogging thought AGAIN and healing then...

this drawing does't match to this part of my post
but it looks nice here

Well, a blogging problem is a hard thing to deal with. Sometimes I wanna be a style blogger just like the most of you, but I don't have enough patience and time to follow all those posts of yours, to spend time only on looking for this kind of inspirations. But it's so cool to be a blogger who posts regularly and gets lots of comments. I'm jealous when I look at all those sites with lots of followers. I know that you have to work for fame ;)) and I'm not sure if it's so worth for me... But having a style blog with your photos and comments is a good way to catch the moments of your life. I do not trust digitality, but who knows - maybe it really saves the memory?

I've also got a problem with categorizing my writings. I have many blogs, I'm an addict, and every single one of them was made for different kind of posting. I'm not sure which things I prefer to describe in Polish, which in English (soon it will be possible to write in French, oh mon dieu...) so usually I just don't write, because making a decision is so tiring...;) And I can see that I'm not fluent in writing and finding best words, everything is some kind of harsh. I was a good writer once, I was good at imagining and describing things. I was happy doing this.

I have to admit that blogging is very important for me. I've blogged since I've got and Internet. Almost nine years passed. I love blogs. I love blogging word. But it's all so chaotic...

But for today I think I will just be my kind of blogger. I'm me. My life is mine. My inpirations are inspiring me. And if I'm not able to be a frequent "poster" (yes, for example I love word-metaphor games), to let you know of my everyday style, inspirations, looks, finds, reads, eats... well. I have to cope with eat. Deal with it. Make myself like my blogging way and wait patiently with hope for your words and presence.

[wow, I've got a good reflections day today... I just made myself think that when I'm bored at work I don't have to check e-mail and facebook thousand times per hour. I can READ ARTICLES on the Internet, not LEAVING THEM FOR A BETTER TIME, when I'm more relaxed, more thoughtful...let's face it: I'm never more relaxed. Never more ready.]

Ok, no more speaking.

Mandalas found today. Clear, delicate, fascinating Mark Golding's works.

“I’m back in the woods for another walk, this time I’m feeling really low, sad, helpless and I’m crying. I leave the woods and wander up into one of the surrounding meadows, find a clear open space and I sit upon a small hillock, with my head in my hands, and I cry, and cry, and cry.
From my despair I am aware of a presence around me, I look up, and 6 horses have wandered and gathered around me, looking into my soul, with understanding and empathy for my sorrow.
Two of the horses walk slowly towards me, one brown, one black, and press their noses upon my cheeks, and they breathe me. Their breath becomes my breath, and we 3 breathe together, as they heal me, as they understand my sorrow.
And for moments I can speak horse. From mind to mind we share communication, and they ease my suffering. This is a unique and magical moment in my life, and a crossroads in my recovery. We share common experiences of love, pain and suffering in a communion of souls, a communion that knows none of the parameters of conventional understanding and this breaks down a barrier within my soul, that had hitherto separated me, Mark the human being, from the majesty and unity of the animal kingdom.”


Better to look at only one picture first. Looking on them together can blur the effect.

I have to find time to try it. And patience. Definitely patience.


  1. I believe that one should not nake himself any kind of blogger - beauty, fashion, life-style blogger...but it's better to be honest and to be oneself!

    PS Why dont you reply to comments to your posts?) I believe your followers DO like to communicate with you closer!

    1. Thank you Dasha for your wise words. And for the advice... I've never really had the idea to answer, what can be also taken as rude. I've never thought readers really want to communicate with me :)

    2. Natasha, i believe that blogging is all about communication. People come to your spot, platform created by you to enjoy your ideas, pics and to communicate and may be to dwell on something.

      If you have lots of followers - you can't physically reply to everyone, just to chose the most important questions....

    3. Also I can advise you to delete this option of "prove you are not a robot" which makes you put the printed letters and figures. It sometimes stops people from replying)))

  2. Mam podobne refleksje, jeśli chodzi o blogowanie. Ostatnio starałam się pisać częściej, ale ciężko mi to idzie, a przecież nie chodzi o to, aby się zmuszać, skoro i tak nie robię tego dla fejmu i pieniędzy ;). Pozdrawiam ciepło.

    1. Świetnie jest wiedzieć, że nie jestem sama z takimi myślami. Miałam już wrażenie, że trochę świruję z robieniem z blogowania jakiegoś egzystencjalnego problemu...
      Oj, czuję ciepło tych pozdrowień, może to magia Twojego orzechowego nicku! :)

  3. oh, i totally feel you on this one! this might have sounded silly a few year ago, but the truth is blogging IS work. at least now i feel like there's much more pressure to get exposure. and in the end does it really matter? would you rather have ppl who really care about what you write and actually read you or just hundreds of anonymous voices making polite standard observations while trying to promote their own blogs?

    i like reading sincere pieces like this - it reminds me that bloggers are people after all and we don't have to hide behind the whole ''everything is perfect on the internet''.

    i think in the end it's really your choice if you want to try and turn your blog into a business (although you can't really let that show on your blog) or simply post whenever you feel like it and have a smaller circle of probably more faithful readers.

    don't get me wrong, i really admire people who post regularly, find interesting designers, have incredibly professional-looking photos... but it's just not me.

    oh and as a romanian native writing in english and living in france i can totally relate to your language indecisiveness.

    i look forward to reading you in the future and seeing more amazing stuff like these mandalas!

    1. Sandra, I appreciate so much that you wrote all those reflections. I totally agree with everything and feel much better about this blogging thing of mine after you shared you r opinion and attention. I feel exactly what you do while saying "everything is perfect on the internet...". That's true we don't have to hide between this. But sometimes you just want to do it and get upset when your life isn't "bloggy" enough.

      You are romanian living in France, writing in English? ADORABLE! :)