Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Van Noten's mess

Busy time, busy time! I've just started my new studies and I'm completely not creative. So sorry for not posting for a while, but I'm sure nobody really cares. I still focus on facing the truth I'll never be a popular blogger!

Something about hair today. I recently cut mine and from that day I feel awful. I was growing my hair long for a while and they were over the shoulders when I have that idea to cut them. I wanted to give 'em some life because they were thin and damaged because of stress, weather or whatever. But it was a mistake. They are not much healthier and I really hate my actual hairstyle. I didn't cut much of the hair. They are about shoulder lenght, but layered quite a lot. And I can do nothing with that haircut, just pray for them to grow fast. Hairstyle mistakes are definitely one of the worst mistakes ever! 

But what I want to show you is, first of all, the 4 illustrations of classic fashionable hairstyles by the popular designers. You can find them here and check which of them are closest to your own. 
I decided that now I'm a very very very bad copy of  Dries van Noten's. And even if the drawn hairstyle is too lovely, simple and neat to  look like my cut, the other hairdos from van Noten's fashion shows do!

Well, if some fashion specialists claims that those messy, flat looks are great and stylish I have to make myself proud of what I wear on my head! Because it looks quite the same usually...


Let me now which one of the illustrated hairstyles suits you best!



  1. Oh, I do care!!

    Wanna see you with short hair! i liked your looong pretty hair! Bt i'm sure you look great with any length.
    I love golden pieces of hairpins, especially for ponytails!

  2. Nie wiem, która do mnie pasuje, ale przepiękna jest przedostatnia.

  3. Their all so nice! So much you can do with long hair, it's been a nightmare for me having short hair :(

  4. They are really nice!
    Great blog, would you like to follow each other?
    I'm a new follower on GFC, waiting for your turn ;)