Friday, August 30, 2013

Venice first glimpses - how I play a professional reviewer.

As I know nothing about red carpets and prom fashion - I'll  make a fool of myself and tell you what I think about Venice's film festival looks. Just like an expert. Just like a fashion blogger, who I'm totally not.

Criticism orgy - let's begin! 

Tracks premiere - August 29 2013
Mia Wasikowska

Neat and classic, but I'm afraid too sad... Looks like someone really got into Jane Eyre's melancholy and tragedy. But I adore the simplicity and romanticism of this outfit. 

Miu Miu Women's Tales screening - August 29 2013
Carey Mulligan

Oh, the kind girl has arrived! Perfect shoes, nice dress, chic glasses. beautifiul smile... So pretty. So Carey. So boring. 

Michelle Dockery

I adore Michelle Dockery, but this look absolutelty doesn't fit her. Maybe I'm used to the vintage style of Downton Abbey. The somethingaboutsixties dress and too massive shoes, not to mention this little bag which is so similar to those you can buy on markets, does no good for my dearest Lady Mary.

Freida Pinto

Could be and everyday outfit. Freida looks lovely and so young in this dress. She chose beautiful shoes and her make up is perfect - makes her shine. But I would brush my hair before going to the party...

Virginie Ledoyen

That's how an ancient Greek queen could look. Electra perhaps? What a simple dress, perfect for a lady. Is Virginie old enough to choose a matron's outfit? Well... Good choice of  the bag - pawky!

Sandra Bullock

What's about those All Shades of Red? A new trend, to blend with the carpet? I really don't understand  the purpose of having dress which should cover your body, but then surprise! - they do not at all! If you decide to wear long dress it should be long. Sandra Bullock is not "fresh" enough to show her super legs in that sort of  gown. She looks so sad in this piece of  tailor's art. Red and black - so boring. Too pale shade of poppy red to fit Sandra.


Now's just perfect! 

Please, say how you do not agree with my "so expert" opinions! :)

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  1. So many gorgeous dresses in one place! Impossible to choose a favorite! :)