Monday, August 12, 2013

And put it in your pocket...

I had a fight with my boyfriend yesterday's evening, but what good came with it is that he phoned me late at night to say that tonight, stars are massively falling down. I've never liked looking at the sky. It seemed boring to me and recently because of my anxiety problem I cannot stand this huge space the sky is. I feel trapped and frightened thinking about it. Oh, and my neck hurts so much when I look up!:)
But yesterday, just to be nice for my boy, I've opened my attic's window and waited for the star to fall. Once I thought I saw it, but it was nothing than a quick, blurred flash. But then - what a performance! It was very quick, but the star's "tail" glimmered in my eyes long after. Such a unique feeling. I know, that maybe for you, my dreamgirls and bloggers, it's an obvious experience. But I felt it for the first time and it was incredible.

Today, at our Polish sky it will be even more falling stars. It is said that about 1300 per hour! It's sad when think that the star ends their life like this. But that how it goes. 

Of course, I remembered to make a wish. What was it? No, I'm not afriad that if I tell you it won't come true. I thought about having a lot of magic moments in life. Yes, I dream about fairytales. And if they doesn't appear I will make them myself . As it is said here - it's all about power of your imagination.

I've got a nice nail laquer with silver glitter for my birthday. I think I will put it on for today star's show. Just in case someone wanted me to be his star this night...

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  1. U mnie całe trzy noce gęste chmury, wiec zazdroszczę :* Teraz niech się spełnia! :)