Monday, August 19, 2013


Recently, my enthusiasm for art of photography have waned over a little bit. I can not help the feeling that everything is repetitive and all the pictures could come from the same photographer. It's not a big deal to take an expensive or old camera, shot the picture, do some photoshop work and name your own site (it usually sounds like John Bull's Photography or Anna Karenina's Photography Art  - maybe I'm jealous, because with my name and surname no Art or Photography looks good!). All of those artistic projects want to held the idea of spirit and metaphor in its pictures, show beauty and temeperament, move the softest strings of our soul - and because of that they end to be repetitive and release  no emotion at all.
And because of that I rarely catch my own cameras, too. Photography was my everyday joy, but don't see its sense now. Everything looks the same and I always thought photography is an art of sharing the moments. Showing others what they didn't have a chance to see at that time. And with whom should I share it? Make my own site with Photography in the name and have no followers? ;)
And I really have nothing to photograph. I did it all before.

But, well, apart from digressions about the artistic stagnation, I wanted to say that I found today some photographies that moved me. Maybe not because of their artistic flair, but the subject itself. Some photos are not ingeniously amazing, but the happiness lightning from them is very positive. Especially on such bad Monday as today.
America - in America everyone's happy.

So, what about happy families? do they exist?

Rebecca Sehn claims - yes and shows them

I love the light.
I love the themes of paths and open spaces and the ocean.
What a great metaphors of the family life.

This Little Lady is the Queen of  Charm!

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