Friday, August 16, 2013


It's the last afternoon at home and I feel really sad. Tomorrow I return to my rented room. It's nearby, but nothing's better than your own quiet and comfortable place. I hate changes. I sit and think about moving, about changing locations, about how I want to have a cosy place just for my own. Yes, maybe I'm too young for this. It's time of rented flats, taming with discomfort, sharing place with other people. That's how it goes.
Today I'm running all the time into beautiful pictures of charming rooms, interior designs...and I almost feel pain in my chest.
So instead of interior photos I choose to look at outdoors.

And as I'm going to study French from this year and because I'll probably never go there because of my  anxiety, I choose Canal du Midi...
I've always prefered imagination than reality.

Canal du Midi  (May 24, 1681). It connects the Garonne (near Toulouse) and the Mediterranean port of Sète. From December 7, 1996 is under the patronage of UNESCO.

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  1. Ja też marzę o własnym mieszkaniu, cichym, z balkonem, widokiem na zieleń, wanną i o metrażu choć trochę większym niż 35 m2 :-). Ale studenckie czasy wynajmowanych mieszkań w Krakowie wspominam z rozrzewnieniem. Zdjęcia wspaniałe. Pojechać na wyprawę barką po kanale...