Friday, August 23, 2013

L'experiment extremal!

Because I can be ridiculously spontaneous sometimes (usually at really wrong time), half of the hour before  writing this,  I’ve started the REVOLUTION. Totally extreme one.

Everything was just as everyday. I got back from work, pissed off and tired as hell, hungry as shit… Ok, you know what I mean. But as I hate chaos – I’ve already took out the laudry and emptied the dishwasher, just before dropping myself on bed. As I felt bored just resting (big mistake, I do not get enough relax by doing something all the time!) I started to read another chapter of the amazing, absolutely marvelous and extremely wise book by Jennifer L.Scott – Lessons the Madame Chic. My eyelids dropped, the headache got intense because of tireness, but I kept on going. And then …

There was a description of French wardrobes there. The author claimed that all the chic French need is the wardrobe with 10 items and some accessories. I laughed with irony. What? Never. Suicide is better! And I saw all those Paris Fashion Week victims – do they have 10 items in their wardrobes?! Yes. Maybe. 10 THOUSAND.

But after realizing how the whole idea was crazy, I’ve decided to do it myself!

Well, maybe not exactly as strict as Jennifer L.Scott, but you have to be flexible with everything, don’t you?
So. The plan is to hold out for a week with the wardrobe smaller by 70%. Jesus. I’ll do it.

Sorry guys...
My Extremely Empty Wardrobe

The questions from the book were very useful. This is how they go:

1.       Ask yourself if you still like this thing.
2.       Do you wear it often?
3.       Does it fit you?
4.       Does it still match with you and your current style?

The results of this survey were surprising. It came to me that I don’t really like a lot of the things I wear frequently. And some of those I love, do not fit me anymore (I lost some weight recently). The question about style was the most difficult one.

Now, looking on my wardrobe I can say that:

-          I do not wear many colors, but I have got few things that are extremely colorful
-          I wear all shades of green
-          I’m afraid of buying colors that it is said don’t fit readheads
-          I love having lots of base items (one colour, long sleeved tshirts which I usually wear under the sweater during autumn and winter)
-          I’m a sweater addict
-          I used to cover my shapes
-          I have trouble with throwing away things that someone bought me (my mum mostly…)
-          I’m not the classic type but I said goodbye to the ethnic me also
-          I’m monotonous!

All Shades Of Green

All right. The plan is – week with two shelves' wardrobe. Then – who knows? Maybe I’ll throw away the rest and start to live like French? Or I’ll define my new look and go shopping wasting all my money!

It’s a big thing in this experiment – something about asking WHO I AM…?


  1. Oooh what an interesting idea! I know that I have an overly packed wardrobe that I'm always trying to pear down, but I feel like the truth is that I probably mostly wear 10 items and only occasionally wear the rest.

  2. Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!
    What a great idea!!

    Have a great day,

  3. I think I have clothes in closet from the years I still was a young teen! I should definitely do some clearing! :D