Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter in Russia

I never thought of Russia as the magical or inspiring place. Not even in fashion. Lots of gold, heavy furs and skins, everything too expensive, too much jewellery and makeup or folk, local patterns, Something beetween Dr Zhivago and immoral and cruel atmosphere of richness. But when I look at Ulyana Sergeenko designs I feel only good associations - Tolstoy, Dostoyewski and fifties in Moscow. The cold winter from "Anna Karenina" and summer scents from Czekhov's dacza. The clothes she makes are very feminine, delicate, but sexy. Their are original - modern, but almost overally inspired my vintage fashion, literature and eastern tradition. But it's mostly the tradition of intellectual city families, not the folk motives. I think it's time to reinterprete my opinions about Russia's style, don't you think?