Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ginger bakes gingers

When I was young gigerbreads weren't popular in my family, but one winter time I decided to make them and now I always do it before Xmas. Even though it's still not important in my family - this little things which can make it all charming - gingerbreads, beautifully wrapped presents, singing carols, leaving one plate for an unexpected visitor. That's not important. But I still  bake those gingerbreds, even if it goes so spontaniously as yesterday. I printed the first recipe I'd found on the internet, grabbed the ingredients and baked not perfect, not extremely delicious, but...

well, you must know I hate being in the kitchen! 


  1. Doceniam :)
    P.S.: "ohnomeinthekitchen" - jakże cudownie nazwany tag :D

  2. Bu I think, that you are as sexy as that pin up girl, babe ;)

  3. zajrzałam, żeby obejrzeć pierniczki, które nadesłałaś do Collage Caffe i uśmiechnęłam się do pikantnej panienki kuchennej. :)
    a potem obejrzałam co tam dalej u ciebie i już wiem, że będę zaglądać częściej. jest czym sycić oko!