Friday, March 7, 2014

Jessa-Jemima, bangles,flores, Hannah, Shosh?

My own taste in fashion is I think a mix of all Girls characters. I have Shoshonna's girlish moods, Marnie's sense o class (but really rarely...) and Hannah's idon'tknowwhatlooksgoodonmebutsometimesicatchit and colors and student's manner. I'm a hippie by heart, too, so I have moments of being nonchalant as Jessa. And even if I think some of her outfits are too extraordinary for me, today I make a tribute to her fashion.

Jessa/ (Jemima Kirk) girls

Jemima Kirke. Always looks great in velvet.

So, who's your style icon from Girls?
Now I think I'm mostly Hannah, with some Shosh politness of fashion with a scary wish to look so free-spirited and sexy like Jessa.



  1. Another series I haven't heard of!! honestly, I am so behind everything these days! i do adore the feather cape! gorgeous! and all girls have a definitive style, I think though if we can wear what we feel then it's always right! have a wonderful weekend x x x

  2. Oh, I don't believe you didn't hear about it! I thought Girls are quite popular these days! But there are so many various and great series now, that I suppose it's hard to know every single one. But I truely recommend some of the episodes to you. Not every one of them is as good, but you'll find some for yourself :)
    Have a great time:)

  3. I yet have to watch this series but I love your outfits!

    Have a great day,