Thursday, December 31, 2015

NYE for boring fashionista

If you are a boring and anti-social nerdy person as I am, you are probably spending New Year's Eve at home. Maybe even totally alone or with a cat, maybe with an even more boring boyfriend. Wine or champagne, TV with 5 channels, radio, or warmly purring laptop. Maybe you are devoted to reading all night, catching up with all recent magazines you had no time to read or finishing this 100th book, just to make it a round number before midnight.

But maybe you are also a fan of fashion and make-up and you would like to fantasize (or even bring to life!!) about pretty outfit you could put on tonight to be absolutely mesmerizing while lying on the couch, turning the pages and sipping a drink.

Here are some of my ideas.

Nerdy New Year's Eve n0.1

Nerdy New Year's Eve n0.2

Nerdy New Year's Eve n0.3

New Year's Eve with books

Nerdy New Year's Eve n0.3

Nerdy New Year's Eve n0.3 by nessa-ii featuring a bodum teapot

I think I'll pick up the last one!

May you have good time today, especially the ones staying in bed with a book or favourite show!

Happy, happy NEW YEAR!!!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! That I had half the style that any of these imaginary people have. Sitting around at home has never seemed so glamorous. Happy New Year Natalie!