Thursday, December 17, 2015

Disney style inspiration - Anita

I'm not good at keeping periodicy or being systematic, especially if it comes to blogs that no one, apart from me, reads, hahaha... So I don't know if this is part one of any cycle, if it will have its continuation, or not, but the idea came to me suddenly and I called myself brilliant.

101 dalmatines was never my favourite Disney movies (you know, princesess were better), but now, as a grown up, I think that Anita's and Roger is one of the sweetest and best dressed couples in Disney history - they are closest to REALITY.

And Anita - with her textual job and sense of elegance, glasses and facial expressions, not mentioning the love for books, is kind of Disney girl I could be.

#Modest doesn't mean frumpy. Traveling in style. #vintageinspired:

via hello mr fox:

It's like an outfit for a sexy librarian safari!:

speechless. It's Annie Hall re-worked. The hats comsposition is amazing..and the shoes. My heart has skipped a beat.:

Librarian style:

I love this outfit, so much green (my favorite color) and I definitely want this coat!:

Megan Nielsen Veronika skirt FREE sewing pattern:

another beautiful capture from the sartorialist. #thesartorialist #fashion #fashionweek :

"Librarian Chic" by dathacurtis on Polyvore:

On the Street….West Twelfth St., New York:


i love the minty nailpolish and the pink skirt, and even love the moth holes in this sweater.:

And if you're a girl and more inspired by Roger...

Parisian Chic for Autumn | The Petite Bijou:


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