Thursday, February 12, 2015

Heart time

How to feel sexy- a something-about-valentine's day  post.

I found those advices on one of the websites.
There would not be anything specially catchy in them, but pictures they are attached to, make everything kind of special and inspiring.

1. Clear your head

Constantly be telling yourself that you are perfect and you will eventually believe it yourself

2. Be interesting

3. Soak up the compliments


The vibration of color is a powerful healing tool. It balances energies and emotions. 
wearing sexy red underwear, painting your toes red or sporting a lush red lipstick helps to send a signal to your brain that all is well. Black underwear is overall sexy and wards off negative self-esteem.

5. Hydrate

6. "Me" time

Don't forget to spend some time indulging in your fantasies. In your fantasies, you can be whomever you please

7. Scent

"Scent stimulates the mood. Take a sniff of cinnamon, which is known for bringing on the heat in the body, because it increases circulation. You can also smell jasmine or sandalwood, because the smells send out erotic signals to get you in the mood,"

8. Sensation

A warm shower/bath, followed by delicious-smelling lotion will remind your skin that it is loved (and lovely)

9. Read

Fill your mind with images that move you. 

Confidence and feeling sexy is not just about a fresh blowout and a sexy dress, it's how you feel on the inside. Even when you've reached a point of comfort in your own skin, there will be days you just don't feel it. And what do we do those days?
Sometimes we all have to psych ourselves up to feel sexy, that's understandable. We get messages from the media what sexy is suppose to look like, but that's just not realistic. Someone else's sexy may not be your version of feeling sexy. Focus on you and your partner, or your desired partner. Focus on how good sex feels when it's fantastic. Think about how someone made you feel so incredibly hot and turned on and relish that feeling, nurture it, enjoy it. Then, use that physical feeling to encourage the rest of you to get in the groove and spread the love!

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