Sunday, September 28, 2014

Goodbye summer roses

Saying goodbye to the summer, while (I think for the first time in my life) I forgot to notice the day when fall has begun. Of course I noticed its smell in the air, and colors, and most of all - the light. But not the exact day. I love autumn and what comes with it and after it (winter, snowing, yes!).
My red hair shines during the fall and people are more kind to me, maybe because I fit so well to the ambiance, with my freckles and warm-coloured clothes.
I seem calmer and more delicate now. I watch "Amelie" again and find it deep, even thought recently I was thinking of that movie as overrated. My words are in chaos but my mind is more quiet, I try to slow down and watch the leaf falling down.
But loving autumn doesn't mean I should not say goodbye to the summer properly, even if it was not special in any matter.



pretty things...

little treasures...

and summer styles...


  1. It has been the most gentle descent into Autumn, it is the subtle changes we notice - I do like this season, beautiful colours! I do need to see Amelie, I've never watched it - and these are beautiful photo's of you x x x

  2. oh you have a ginger cat? me too i can proudly say a ginger cat let me live with him haha
    those photos of you are so beautiful!!! and thank you a lot for your super sweet comments! you are such a sweetheart, well i don´t know if i could do a proper hair tutorial as i always mess around with my hair without plan haha
    wish you a great weekend!