Thursday, September 12, 2013

Language happiness reflection

You know what I like the most about English? About speaking it, listening to it, talking with English and Americans?

That because of this language everyone is equal. I feel really free while speaking English. And I think about native speakers as open-minded, joyful people with so much positive energy that can make everyone's day.

In English your boss is "you", your friend is "you", the pope is "you", everybody you dislike is just "you". You don't have to look up to speak to them. You can make them favors, but you're as important as they are.
In Polish, which is my mother tongue, you speak to people you don't know well by using "Mr, Mrs". Your boss is your BOSS, not the person who hires you and you just work together to make some effort. You own them very big amount of respect, so Polish people usually dislike their bosses because they have to hide their negative opinons.  Of course, in English you need to respect them as well, but you are the part of the system, in your workplace. You can catch some distance. Maybe it's only my imagination, but I really feel that so much depends on the language you use. The whole life's attitude. Your working ability, your self-worth, your mood.

When I only hear British accent, I feel happy. And I'm glad that native speakers are back to my workplace.
Everything is gonna change for better. It will be lighter and brighter. Because of sounds, because of their relaxed attitude. I feel great when I can do a cup of coffee for Lindsey or Tom. I don't feel really good when I have to make coffee to Mrs K. Everyday.

sometimes I think that if i wasn't so afraid of travelling I would take my life and move to another country
and so many of my friends woulddo the same

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  1. I know what you mean- everybody is on the same platform treating each other with the same amount of respect, no more or no less. It is a nice feeling to be able to do that!! And you shouldn't feel afraid to travel. Just embrace the urge and go for it. It'll be a life experience you'll never forget!

    Simply Akshara