Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Latino housekeeping

I have to confess I like Eva Longoria's pretentious glam style (here's another her-inspired post).  With all my boredom with latin films and series, I can't help keeping an eye on what she's doing. Yesterday I've discovered a new series produced by her. Very similar to Desperate Housewives, the only difference is that the main characters are maids not housewives. All of them young and beautiful and that's the main reason I switched the first episode on. I like looking on beautiful women with charisma, it inspires me to "go on" with my everyday life and taking care of appearance.  
First minutes of "Devious Maids" frightened me (I don't like bloody carpets, talking about rapes and mysteries, as much as I hate Beverly Hills). The characters of rich employers are shallow and dumb, scenery is annoying and plot not very complicated. But main characters played by latinoamerican actresses are quite charming. 
I don't know if I will continue watching "DM", but maids themselves make me think about this energy and feminity and strenght and joy of women! As well as their nerve and emotionality. And I like this thoughts very much! 

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  1. Never seen this, but I'm a desperate housewives fan! I feel that show is under-appreciated as it's actually pretty funny and decent but so be it...anyway, thanks for your lovely comment and redheads unite!yay!