Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bloody rose and burning desire.

My impressions:

No.1 - Oh, her again.
No.2 - So boring. 
No.3 - Same as always.And riddiculous.
No.4 - Does she really sing that low?
No.5 - Well, she's classy.
No.6 - She'll be a legend. Not bad legend.
No.7 - Love that retro videos
No.8 - The end? Can't stop singing to myself.
No.9 - Play again.
No.10 - No, I got it on my mind!
No.11 - Would it be embarassing if I share it on facebook?
No.12 - Yes, not after sharing Tori.
No.13 - Can't stop singing.
No.14 - I'm melting with those sounds.
No.15 - Play again

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