Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Annette Pehrsson

These photographs are nothing I haven't seen before via tumblr or blogs. It's really hard to be all original those days. But somehow Annette Pehrsson's works have caught my eye. They are mostly sad and nostalgic (very november...) and world seen through them seem to be quite still but disquieting at the same time. They are not perfect, some are too simple, some too stylized, some really different from other. Neverthless I think photographs by Annette Pehrsson are worth to contemplate, they are simply beautiful and what's more - they tell stories. Of course if you have enough imaginative mind to find them. I present the most engaging, in my opinion, polaroids mostly. But the artist tooks digital photographs and films also. All to view on her lovely blog: http://blog.annettepehrsson.se/

my favourite

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