Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beach warms you...

I discovered today that sea can be inspiring. And it's treasures may make you feel better. I know, maybe it's obvious, but I have never really liked seashore. I thought it is boring and crowded and much too popular. All these shells and stones - so many of them in local shops during every summertime. But today I was working, cataloging some books and suddenly one cover have caught my eye. It was a sea-themed book by a  writer of popular novels (well I've never before heard her name, but everyone knows the film "Chocolate"...). The cover was simple, but I thought I might want to read that book. I suddenly felt the need to be near the sea, even only by the novel's plot - well, even better - no people, no cold wind or annoying sand in the shoes... 
And now, while I'm looking at some blogs and I saw a simple but beautiful picture of some glass pieces on the sand. So simple! But this view makes me feel calm. I surfed the net looking for some more examples of sea treasures - they all are very simple, even the most delicate shells. Sometimes it's even kind of rubbish. But they create a wonderful compositions together, inspire art and decoration and bring warm thoughts. 

And the book:

And what's more:

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